Friday, 21 September 2007

Warning - Some actual knitting content

I just have to show you these first up:
Aren't they fab! Not my work, but a Dear Customer called Jo who knitted them in Skein Queen Sugared Almonds Plushness yarn:

These were the first finished items I'd seen knitted up in my yarn by anyone other than myself - what a privilege. Jo's made a beautiful job of them - if you want to see a closer photo of these beauties, try here.

This is my somewhat pathetic attempt at a (singular) sock. I started this God knows when - months ago - and finished this week! It's in Skein Queen Pale Cupid colourway in Lavish yarn:

It's the Carousel pattern by Violet Green and me and it just didn't get along, so much so that I've decided I'm not going to make the matcher. It was me, not the pattern (God, I sound like Ziggy talking to Chanelle in BB7) - at least I finished one of them!

And these are my knitted hearts for the November Craft Fair to show how my yarn knits up:

Note to self: No more photographing after daylight hours.

The first shows Empress in 6 ply cashmere/silk.
The middle one was the first one I made in some cotton to work out the pattern.
The end one shows Maharajah in 6 ply cashmere/silk.
I have a few more to make.

Here's a little taster of what's currently in the shop:

Fragrant stocks in Lavish

Firebird in Lavish

Key Lime Pie in Plushness

Clam in Plushness

River Thames in Plushness

Key Lime Pie in Divine

Clam in Divine

And I dyed up a record (for me) almost 50 skeins during the week (ah, the luxury of annual leave) including two custom orders - here's the obligatory drying shots:

Just got to get it skeined up and photographed first!

And finally, we had a family day out to the Royal Berkshire County Show at the weekend. No livestock due to the Foot and Mouth precautions - aw, was looking forward to seeing the alpacas - and couldn't find the spinning anywhere, but we had a good time.

The Skein Prince's artwork was on display in the Education Tent (well, not just his - the rest of his class too - his is the somewhat sinister looking mask with the devil horns?!)And here they are on the Carousel (I've niftily cut myself out - but I can assure you, it was fun!)


Jo said...

How lovely to see my socks on your blog Skeinqueen, Thank you for your kind comments. Jo x

Piglottie said...

Jo's socks are lovely, as is your orphan :) The new yarn looks delicious.

justclaire said...

More gorgeous colours as usual. I really don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to stick to this self imposed yarn diet! All 3 socks are lovely too :)

Anni said...

I love that sock. It looks fab. And I just love our yarn dryeing pics. Such glorious colours.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Hi, Skein Queen! I bow to you, too! Your talents are incredible. Welcome to my blog, and I hope you become a regular reader. I'm certainly becoming one of yours. :)