Monday, 24 September 2007

Some more yarn goodness for your delectation

Would you like to see some more yarn temptation? For those of you on yarn diets, I say "pah" - blow the diet - indulge your passion. Life is for living. And for those of you on stashalongs, I say "nah" - forget about it - stashes are for adding to. (I kind of apply these principles to food and wine myself as well as yarn - that's why I have to spend so much time in the gym - I'm in the fit but still rather curvy category).

Here's some of the new yarn you can find in my etsy shop:

This is my first ever pure cashmere offering in Sour Fruits colourway - it's so buttery soft and indulgent:

And some more cashmere in Strawberry Hill:
Another new yarn type for me - this is a gorgeous 2 ply cashmere/silk. There are four skeins of each, so if you're in the mood for creating a beautiful lace shawl for Christmas, this Vintage Lavender would be perfect:
It also comes in Heatherberry:
There is some 4 ply cashmere/silk also using hand painted marbling which gives a variegated effect when knitted up - this is Raspberry Ripple:Then we have some lovely autumnal Superwash merino in Apple Cider. The colours just remind me of Bonfire Night standing round drinking spicy cider or ducking for apples at Halloween - one sold (to a fellow Etsian who lives in Reading - check out her shop here - really cool, unusual, freestyle knitted items). But good news, I made two - there's still one left.

And the final item was Tropical Crush in Plushness (sold).
Well, it has been a week of seeing some of the gorgeous creations you have been making with SQ yarn. A Dear Customer in Texas, Shelley, has just opened her Etsy shop selling adorable hats for babies and young children using natural fibres. She created this one with Lovebird cashmere/silk from yours truly so if you have any little ones why not check out her brand new shop and give her some Etsy love.

I was very naughty over the weekend and ordered some more STR yarn for this Chevron scarf (feeling extra inspired by Claire's and Sarah's beautiful ones) which is turning out to be the MOST expensive scarf ever not yet knitted. After ordering two skeins in Sherbet last time, I knew I needed a contrast colour, so went for two (well the postage is so outrageous, one has to make the most of it) - one in Olive Garden and one in Thistle. The Skein King was not supposed to know, until the lovely HSBC phoned up to say they spotted an unusual transaction on my credit card and had blocked it and wanted to check with me first. Had I tried to pay $xx to Blue Moon Fibers? Damn! Secret out. Fortunately, once I confirmed I knew about it, they released the dosh. (Sweaty moment, there thinking it wouldn't be mine!)

Then my trusty skein winder broke so has been taking about an hour to wind up each skein despite the use of six of Skein Princess's hair bobbles to hold it together (just marvel at the level of technology in this house!) Had to invest in another one.

Have big party planned for the weekend with good friends staying over - may tell more next week, or maybe not! Depends what happens at it;) Am having Big New Haircut tomorrow in preparation. Wish me luck - don't feel as wary as used to now I have discovered the joys of GHD hair straighteners.


Piglottie said...

LOL GHDs are a gift from the hair fairies! Can sort out any crazy hair mess in next to no time. Have a great time partying :)

The yarns are gorgeous. Am loving the Apple Cider especially.

justclaire said...

How dare HSBC bust you for ordering more STR. You were actually trying to save by orderin two skeins ;) Good Luck with the haircut. I too am a devotee of GHD straighteners. I don't know what I'd do without them!

PS: I love the Vintage Lavender. I'm sitting on my hands to try and stay away from Etsy!

Anni said...

Gorgeous yarns. I'm so tempted. And how rude of HSBC. Surely you hadn't spent that much. My credit card company wouldn't be surprised by a bit of yarn spending. They must be getting used to it by now.