Friday, 14 September 2007

It's a bit late but...

Two days later, I'm finally getting around to putting the shop update photos on here:

This is Clam (sold)
This is Oyster
This is Sour Fruits (s0ld)
This is Empress (sold)This is Violet Pumpkin (sold)
And this is Sugar Mice (sold)I guess it's worth putting them up here for posterity and as a record for if any readers who may, on the offchance, happen to see a colourway they liked and fancied a custom order.

I've just started a mailing list for shop updates so if you'd like me to add your name, just email me here with your email address - you can unsubscribe at any time.

Following a request from a Dear Customer (DC), I've come up with some names for the types of yarn I sell (as "4 ply 55 per cent silk 45 per cent cashmere" is a bit of a mouthful), so here goes:

Plushness - Lambswool/Angora/Cashmere
Wisp - 2 ply cashmere/silk
Lavish - 4 ply cashmere/silk
Mellow - 6 ply cashmere/silk
Opulent - 4 ply pure cashmere
Blush - DK Cashmerino
Divine - 4 ply merino
Entice - 2 ply merino

Hope that makes things easier when browsing... You may notice some new yarn types - yes, a new order of base yarn is winging its way here as we speak.

Here is some more temptation - a sneek peek at next week's batch:

We have:
cashmere/silk (Lavish) in Firebird
cashmere/silk in new colourway
merino (Divine) in Key Lime Pie
merino in Clam
lambswool/angora/cashmere (Plushness) in Key Lime Pie
lambswool/angora/cashmere in Clam
lambswool/angora/cashmere in River Thames

Ooo, I nearly forgot, look what arrived from Blue Moon Fibers:
My lovely Socks That Rock yarn in Sherbet - all ready for my Chevron Scarf. Except that my good friend Rachel reminded me that I'd agreed to get some yarn together for her sister-in-law's craft fair in Devon and asked if I could knit up a little something, or several little somethings to show how the yarn knits up. I've come up with a little pattern (and it has to be little due to having about 1/4 of an hour a day left for knitting) which I'm quite pleased with. More on that to come...

Finally, check out the postcard which the Skein Queen Mum and the Royal Father sent from their little sojourn to the West Coast of Scotland:
They're a daft pair - and they won't mind me saying it, because they'd be the first to admit it!


Piglottie said...

Stunning colours, and love the new names :) I was only looking at the STR Sherbert today after having browsed the Chevron scarves on Ravelry.

Love the post card :)

justclaire said...

I think the new names are fab too. They make the yarns even more tempting...

The STR Sherbert is lovely. I think the Chevron Scarf knit in just this colour will look awesome and I can't wait to see how you get on with it!

freshisle said...

Such lovely colours and great names! I'm absolutely useless at naming yarns and colourways. Adorable postcard, too!

Ruth said...

Gorgeous looking yarns. I've just found your blog and am off to investigate your Etsy shop! Must sit on fingers!!