Wednesday, 17 December 2008

2008 review

"And so this is Christmas. And what have you done? Another year over. A new one just begun."

How was your 2008? Are you glad it's over and roll on 2009? Or was it a good one for you?

For me, it was a great year for Skein Queen. Getting to "meet" new customers from all over the world; shop updates selling out almost instanteously; a brand new workshop; the big move from beloved Etsy to my new independent yarn emporium; my first small show; starting Skein Queenery group on Ravelry where I thought I'd be rattling about with the tumbleweed; launching of the Squee! Sock Clubs; gently venturing into the world of wholesaling my yarn and the acquisition of some new pre-dyed stock.

And I've had an article published in Yarn Forward; copy edited a couple of issues of the magazine; been to Olympia, Wonderwool Wales and Ally Pally; attended a Hyperbolic Crochet Reef workshop; participated in Sock Wars III; been to my first knitting hen party; participated in knitting hats for Innocent Smoothies and now this is starting to sound like one of those round robin letters you get in Christmas cards, so I'll change the subject!

I think I've been more than lucky. It was an awful year for some of my friends and family. I cannot tell you the amount of bad news I've heard this year from poor health to teenage pregnancies; from job losses to broken bones. How do you say how much sympathy you have for all those loved ones without sounding trite? Hopefully they know it. So any good news, such as a long-awaited pregnancy and a long-awaited engagement, have been like rays of sunshine and meant even more.

What does 2009 hold in store? On a personal level, it's likely to be a year of more change. Who knows what will happen between now and July, but the current plan is to take redundancy then after 17 years of working in the same publishing office. I'll miss the lovely people I work with and I have the option to stay on if I want to, but I think it could be an excellent opportunity to be able to devote more much needed time to Skein Queen. I have so many plans... so little time...

Knitting progress:

Skein Prince wanted some Plushness socks too. I'd done this little self-striping dyeing experiment a while back which was, at one point, a huge tangled mess, but it's looking a lot better now.
And I finished off Skein Princess's Pocket Socks with a little bunny. These socks are well-worn. She loves them - and so cosy.

And finally, progress (or lack thereof) on the bolero in Lotus Yarns Bamboo Soft. One front and the start of a sleeve! My Chinese supplier wants to put this on his website when it's finished and my friend Sonia has agreed to model it. Little does he know that I am Captain Slow of the knitting world!

Sock Club news - all the single and double helpings of the Plushness Pudding Club have been dyed up as have The Unfortunate Club skeins. All drying and waiting to be posted out over the next couple of days.

Maybe in 2009, I'll become one of those good bloggers who blog every day - not wait for a week then write a whole screed!


anna said...

hello, just wanted to say how much i'm enjoying my two recent purchases from you - i have a sour apples plushness and a toffee cream opulent waiting for some small moments of knitting bliss (after the mad rush of trying to finish my son's cashmerino tank top before he grew out of it!!).
your year sounds amazing, congratulations on so much achievement! for me, 2008 was the year i rediscovered knitting and the year i became a mum!
one question i've been meaning to ask, is whether there are patterns out there that are particularly suited to the yarns you dye? i'm hoping to make a hat from my opulence but can't find a suitable pattern.
hope you have a lovely Christmas and new year.

Skein Queen said...

Thanks, Anna. Congrats on becoming a mum (and on rediscovering knitting!). I'll drop you an email.