Monday, 8 December 2008

On a dark wintry night

Unfortunately, due to this dark, dark wintry night, I am unable to bring you any photos of tomorrow's shop update. And I wanted to show you all the Opulent, and the Elegance; the extra large skeins of Plump Plushness and the Mellow; the Blissful and the Blush, but it's too, too dark for decent photos and as you know, flash is the enemy of yarn photography.

As it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our household, I shall just have to subject you to some Christmassy decorations. I've tried very, very hard to keep it simple this year and not fuss too much. The usual eclectic mix of ornaments gathered over the years - red, green and gold mostly, with a bit of whatever the children wanted to throw in.

Knitted "paper" chains from John Lewis

Have yet to acquire some ribbons to put up the Christmas cards, but we're getting there. This year will be a simple, family Christmas - just the four of us - with reindeer food, Santa's snowy footprints on the stairs and lots of phone calls to family. Then a big old party for Hogmanay down in the New Forest.

Look who fell asleep in the Advent village.

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