Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Shop update preview

If I can stop eating these Maltesers and figure out why Blogger is insisting on underlining everything, then I'm planning a shop update throughout the day. OK, so I fixed the underlining thing, now I've lost all my colour settings *sigh*.

Here's your preview - some favourite SQ colourways, a couple of Christmas-inspired colourways and the long-awaited introduction of Plump Plushness - 150g of plush goodness which works out at a generous 450 yards. Two skeins would be enough for a small or short-sleeved garment, depending on the pattern.

I'll make a note of the last posting dates for Christmas on the shop site - not long.

Three Kings in Elegance - 3 skeins

Plum Betty in Elegance - 3 skeins

Beach Party in Blush - 2 skeins

Decadent in Blush - 1 skein

Lovebird in Blush - 1 skein

Country Road in Plump Plushness - 2 skeins

Dewberry in Plump Plushness - 2 skeins

Blueberries in Plump Plushness - 2 skeins

English Pewter in Plushness - 2 skeins

Wedgewood in Plushness - 1 skein

Mermaid in Kimono - 3 skeins

Frankincense in Kimono - 3 skeins

Dewberry in Mellow - 2 skeins

Caran D'Ache in Mellow - 4 skeins

Purple Turtle in Blissful - 1 skein

Mermaid in Blissful - 1 skein

Twelfth Night in Blissful - 1 skein

Fruit Salad in Opulent - 4 skeins

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gilraen said...

I only wish I had more money Debbie!!