Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Ding Dong!

One last post before Christmas just to say a very Merry Christmas to you all - customers, friends, readers and dippers-in - thank you all for coming by to my humble blog and for putting up with my bletherings and yarn obsession. I really do feel lucky to have met so many fantastic people and friends over the last couple of years.

Apart from holding up the queue in the Post Office for a full half-hour yesterday posting out the club parcels (thanks, Joy!), the Skein Prince's Plushness socks are finished.
And I've started some gloves for him for the cold mornings:

OK, it's a rubbish photo, but I used some Posh Yarn in Laura which I acquired at Wonderwool earlier this year and very lovely it is too.

Yesterday, we had an attempt at a very crooked Gingerbread House:

And the yarn in the photos is destined for a certain knitting magazine.

The shop will remain open over the festive period and yarn will be posted out on the first available posting date and there will be a small January sale once again. As for dyeing, I'll be in the workshop dyeing up some yarn for another knitting magazine and hope to have some of the new DK merino ready for early 2009.

Don't forget to keep your nominations coming in for the 2008 Squeeny Awards over on Ravelry.

A very, very Merry Christmas to you all,



GreenPea said...

Those are wonderful socks! I am envious.

Your cake looks great too, and not very wonky at all. I'm emailing you some pictures of an lopsided birthday cake. That might put the gently sloping house in perspective!

freshisle said...

Hope you're having a lovely holiday, too.
Merry Christmas!