Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Exquisite, clouds and snails


the Great Big Skein Queen 2nd Anniversary Shop Update

Thursday 11th June

8pm BST

Introducing a brand new yarn base - Exquisite - merino, cashmere, nylon

Proud Peacock in Exquisite - 2 skeins

Lovebird in Exquisite - 1 skein (v. similar to Firebird but this one has more pink)

Firebird in Exquisite - 1 skein

Humble Pie in Exquisite - 1 skein

Ruby Plum in Exquisite - 1 skein

Copper Mountain in Exquisite - 1 skein

Plum Betty in original Desire - 2 skeins

Blackcurrant Caramel in original Desire - 1 skein

Chocolate Apple in original Desire - 1 skein

Country House in Plushness - 1 skein

Sweetbird in Plushness - 1 skein

Pink Grapefruit in Plushness - 1 skein

Lemon Chiffon in Plushness - 1 skein

Glacier Mint in Plushness - 1 skein

Cloudy Limeade in Plushness - 1 skein

Iceberg in Plushness - 1 skein

Ah ha - the as yet unnamed yarn - and I'm going to have a hard time choosing from the brilliant entries coming through thick and fast - thank you. I have 2 extra skeins of it.

Victoriana in Squash - 4 skeins

Mimosa Tree in Squash - 2 skeins (slight variation in shade)

Sweet Violet in Opulent - 3 skeins

Forget-me-not in Elegance - 3 skeins (1 slightly lighter)

Cloudberry in Elegance - 1 skein

Plumcious in Elegance - 1 skein

Rugged in Blush - 4 skeins

Mossy Oak in Blush - 8 skeins

Kettle Pond in Finesse - 2 skeins

Plumcious in Finesse - 2 skeins

Deep Seaspray in Lavish - 4 skeins

Bourgainvilla in Lavish - 2 skeins

Lemon Souffle Cake in Wisp - 4 skeins

Love Letters in Wisp - 2 skeins

Swan Green in Wisp - 4 skeins

All I have to do now is edit all the photos and load them into the shop, currently being revamped by a tech guy as we speak. It's being de-greenified!

As for the clouds, well I have six or seven of these floofy cloud-like batts to load into the shop tomorrow too. They are merino with touches of tussah silk and angelina.

And don't forget the snails of superwash BlueFaced Leicester tops

I feel a late night coming on...

Think I need me some kitty love:


alabama whirly said...

I'm almost overcome, the kitties are too cute and I love almost every single skein to death, - I'll make sure I am out tomorrow...

picperfic said...

ohhhhhhh and faints.....

yvette said...

It is all gorgeous but the kitties are the cutest.