Wednesday, 24 June 2009

It's a pithy post

First summer installment of the Queen's Reading Room club, the Unfortunate club and the Petal club have all gone out now, so expect them to land on your doorsteps over the next few days.

This was the final installment of the Pudding Club - Key Lime Pie

And the Installment the Ninth of the Unfortunate Club - Madame Lulu

I spun up some of my Skein Queen batts which I was selling in the last update - pretty, I think.

And am knitting all my spinning samples into a Zig and Zag handspun blanket (for free pattern see sidebar).
Finished one Cloud Nine sock in Summer Pudding Plushness from the Spring Pudding Club - one more left to knit (for free pattern see the sidebar).

And made a start on my Ivy League Vest by Eunny Jang. Here's the corrugated ribbing - I'm learning continental knitting to make it go faster and instead of taking 30 minutes to do a round using English-style, it takes a mere 20 minutes.

Just as well, because I'm going to have to start it all over again - spot the mistake - gah!

So to cheer myself up, some Secretary shoes arrived - cheap and cheerful, but very comfortable.

And some Scarlett O'Hara shoes for my 4th July party outfit - again cheap and cheerful, but I'm going to need something to help my oversize Scarlett outfit which Skein King says looks like an oversized spare duvet set!

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