Monday, 1 June 2009

Meet Squiggles

Isn't he (pos. she) cute? We're keeping this little one. Two and a half weeks old. I can't get over how big the kittens have grown in such a short time. They're trying to escape from the box and Honey's not too happy about that. The all black kitten is going to a good friend but the neighbour didn't want to take the little black and white one when she saw her and I fear I'm becoming more and more fond of her. Must.... remain... detached. So, if you know of anyone in the Berkshire area looking for a particularly gorgeous kitten - when she keeps still, I'll get a non-blurry photo for you.

The weather has been downright tropical here. After my spinning lesson, we had a go at washing an unidentified fleece using the method my spinning teacher, Linda, had shown us.

But it wasn't good news - the wool was like brillo pads when it dried. I mixed it with some white BFL and put it through the drum carder, but sadly I think it's going to be unspinnable.

Saturday night was an impromptu Britain's Got Talent party, BBQ and pool party with Skein Princess going back to a friend's for camping in the garden.

On Friday, we went to the Children's Art Festival in Reading organised by Jelly and then onto see Coraline - which, be warned, is not for children of even a slight sensitive nature unless you want nightmares.

Yesterday, me and Skein Princess got all my spinning fluff scraps and drum carded them into this little cloud of colour.

Then I decided that I didn't have enough knitting projects on the go, and because Linda had asked us to knit up our samples of kid mohair and angora, I decided to start another Zig and Zag pram blanket using all my handspun samples.

Other than that, still working on the Cloud Nine socks in Summer Pudding Plushness for my friend, Sandra. Not much progress there.

Have been dyeing today and the next update will be a large one and will include the long-awaited launch of Exquisite - merino, cashmere and nylon - and the equally long-awaited launch of SQ tops (roving) for spinning.

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Sarah Knits said...

As a new visitor to your blog / site I am glad to have found you! Cute kitten (wish I lived nearer)and I can't wait for your next site update. I wanted to join your sock clubs but missed out so I shall have my eyes peeled next time! Also as a spinner I can't wait for the roving, my old fleece in the garage spins ok but it is more fun to spin colour! Thank you.