Sunday, 7 June 2009

Yarn giveaway and Ravelry Day in Coventry

In celebration of the fact that Skein Queen is celebrating two years in business on Thursday, I've decided to do a little name-the-yarn competition. All you have to do to win this free skein of Plushness (lambswool/angora/cashmere) is to come up with colourway name and leave a comment here on the blog with the name you've come up with. You've got until Thursday 11th June at midday BST - I'll choose my favourite name and announce the winner on my blog on Thursday afternoon (changed from Friday).

So, to be in with a chance of having this skein arrive on your doorstep, let your imagination go wild - I usually go for two-word combinations for yarn colourway names, but not always. Could be plant, bird or butterfly-related - or inspired by a landscape scene - or by contemporary culture (books, tv programmes, films) - or by a feeling or emotion. And I do especially like eccentric or kooky names. Can't wait to hear what you come up with.

And Thursday will also see the launch of Skein Queen fibre for spinning (the fibre I've chosen so far isn't suitable for felting). It's taken me the first half of the year to learn to spin and I hope you like the selection of tops I've dyed up. These snails are Superwash BFL but there will also be Superwash merino on sale in the shop on Thursday. As the year goes on, I'll be introducing a greater range of fibres and possibly batts reflecting the fibres I've especially enjoyed spinning such as kid mohair and angora.

Superwash BFL
Scarlet O'Hara


Tequila Mockingbird

Demon Drop

Salty Dog

Dewberry Martini

Well, what a fantastic day Rav Day in Coventry was yesterday. Even the hideous rain couldn't deter the ardent shoppers but I did feel sorry for the stall holders who were frozen to the bone, but at least they seemed to be doing a roaring trade.

We met so many people - Anni from Yarnaddictanni, Andy from Bluefaced, Jeni from Fyberspates, Sarah from Mamalonglegs, Gemma from Kraftykoala, Marianne from Picperfic, Inga aka Rockpool Candy and her hubby, Jen and Juliet from The Knitter, Kerrie and Lou from Yarn Forward/Inside Crochet (in the loos), Juliet from Artist Palette Yarns, John Arbon, the Knitting Goddess and Lisa from First4yarns. It was lovely to see Becky (purlfect) again - I'd done a dyeing course with her a couple of years ago and also met libraknitter who had knitted THE most beautiful Ishbel out of a lemon Fyberspates yarn and a gorgeous Swallowtail from SQ Wisp. (I hope I haven't missed anyone out.)

Rockpool Candy with her beautiful batts and extreme crochet. Check out her fabulous corset and the bustle is made from men's ties.

Here's the wonderful Shazspun, who was brilliant company putting up with me all day, learning how to drop spindle with Ghostknitter who reckons she's the only spinner in Singapore. We had a laugh when the spindle lived up to its name and spent quite a lot of time on the floor but Sharon bought it anyway to spin up samples.

And the beautiful alpaca which belonged to Toft Alpaca - they were a bit soggy!

It was great to meet Jen from The Knitter in person as we've corresponded by email previously. And her husband who was doing a bit of laptop work linked into the photo shoot. I got snapped wearing my Aqueous Martini Ishbel with my very dank hair schloped around my face. Inga was trying to put me off during my "modelling" session by shouting "Oi, fibre fiddler - smile" and such-like encouragement!!

All-in-all, a fantastic day.. but I am glad I didn't have a stall outside in the rain - it was great being a customer! I especially love my yarn from Knitting Goddess, my mohair locks from a man from the New Forest, my silk/merino tops from Babylonglegs and my beautiful batts from Fyberspates and Rockpool Candy. (Sorry guys, too many links to put in and I'm being shouted at to get off the computer - I'll come back and put them in.)


Eskimimi said...

I love these colours so much. I rarely take a bite at competitions, but I'm going to have a punt at this one!

I chose 'Nacreous Iceberg'

Let me explain my choice. A nacreous cloud is one that is often seen at sunrise or sunset, which has a halo of low golden sunlight making it shine pearlescent in the blue sky. Nacreous comes from 'nacre' which means 'iridescent' I once had a photo in my University bedroom of such clouds over some icebergs, and the colours of this yarn remind me of that picture. Nacreous clouds are also called 'mother of pearl' clouds. I am a nerd and I really am a fully paid up member of the Cloud Appreciation Society. I even have a badge somewhere :oP

Mimi (Eskimimi)

picperfic said...

How about 'Vintage Linen'?

Oh and I really really really want Scarlet O'hara...what time do you go live with the update?

Lovely to meet you again yesterday, enjoyed the whole day immensely!

picperfic said...

it's ok...I have now taken in the info in the first paragraph! lol

Squirrel said...

I'm going to choose:

"Canary Blue" the Male Butterfly Cyclyrius webbianus a very special butterfly with blue near his body and yellow around his head. Also the blue canary called Blue Spanish Timbrado or Canary Blue.


Hmm, beautiful colours. My choice is 'Sea Nymph', inspired by the milky-white skins of playful sea nymphs from greek mytholgy dipped in blue/green seas.

I have a daughter no.1 here bursting to have a go too. Her choice is 'The Pearl Fisher'.

One Sheep said...

This reminds me of snocones - the syrups are such bright intense colors, then they pastel out as they're poured over the shaved ice. So I'm going to suggest

LemonBerry Snocone

Paula said...

Monet's "Waterlilies" springs to mind - the pale smudges on the canvas suggesting the shimmering shapes of the curling petals amid translucent water

m said...

I can't tell you why, but the words "Plush Hush" came to mind.
Plush for the yarn type, and then hush to do with the susurration of waves breaking on the seashore.

Felix said...

Your lovely skein makes me think of the following colourway

will-o-the wisp

I love how this skein reminds me of
the ethereal glow of will-o-the-wisp in one of my favourite tv shows.

Emilie said...

I first thought the pretty colors were cool and icy, but then the yellow caught my eye...I suggest "Glacier Sun"

emvark at gmail dot com

cynthia martin said...

The lovely shade of blue reminds me of Tiffany's blue jewel box with the white ribbon, and the green shade of limes.

I'd call it:

Tiffany's Limeade

ScottieJill said...

I vote for "wishy washy" if that doesn't sound too negative. It just looks like watery colours, and they are NICE wishy washy, I should add!

Or maybe Blue Mermaid? I think that sounds better!

Yarn Over Hook said...

Lovely colours:-)
I use to be a nurse in another life and the first thing that came to mind was steradent.
Happy memories of cleaning all those false teeth:-(...LOL:-)
Take care,

Sarah Knits said...

It reminds me or the seashore in winter so I thought 'Spring tide' might be nice.

Am loving the roving - have recently got my wheel out again, glad to see some insiration. Thank you!

Justine said...

My first thought on seeing the colours was 'candyfloss' and then I read that you like two-word titles which stumped me a bit, so I'll go for:

Candyfloss Sky.

billybrown said...

South Pacific - from the BBC Series with the stunning camera work NOT the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, although I am a fan of that too...

You've got to have a dream
If you don't have a dream
How you gonna have a dream come true

sara said...

pistachio icecream sundae


Maki aka mikan said...

'Maribago Bluewater' came to my mind as the beauty of the colourway reminds me of the private beach at the Maribago Bluewater resort on the Cebu island in the Philippines.

BabyLongLegs said...

My suggestion is "Ice Scream"


S xXx

Rosii said...

The subtle colours remind me of a wonderful family holiday spent in Paphos, Cyprus where Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, rose from the foamy sea. Aphrodite is the name I choose (and you know how much I love Plushness!)


The colours remind me of my summer holidays in Donegal & the foam on the minty green breakers there, so I am going with tranarossan spray

Debs said...

Washday Blues

because it's Monday .....

Anonymous said...

The little mermaid or siren's call as i am all about the literary references, and all about Hans Christian Anderson when i see this skein!

Zoe x

Anonymous said...

wow, there are some really good ones so far. nearly didn't bother leaving my thoughts!

looking at the skein made me feel seasidey. not the hot and roasting kind of seaside, but the fresh, exhilarating seaside, where the sun is bright and the breeze whips your hair as you look out at the horizon and everything is right with the world, just for a little while.
so, because i think a simple name suits the pale colourway, i suggest Sea Breeze.

dmarieknits said...

Beautiful colors. My suggestion is Morning Glory. Just reminds me of all the subtle colors in those morning blooms.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

How about Golden Lining. They say every cloud has a silver lining, well these are one step up!

mrspao said...

Mint Julep because it looks like what I think a Mint Julep should look like.

Anonymous said...

watercolour sandcastles

(there's no limit on entries right??)

Zoe x

ambermoggie said...

misty mountains
sunlit ocean

claire montgomerie said...

i am going to pretend i didn't see where you wrote that you mainly choose two word names as my first thought when i saw it was
ice, ice, baby!:)
it isn't as pretty as the other names, but boy, this is fun. I am going to have to start naming all my products by colour...
thanks for the inspiration!

Derya said...

What gorgeousness! I'd call this 'Summerhouse Love', partly because it's on my mind a lot lately, but also because it reminds me of the washed-out colours of an Aegean summerhouse, with delicate white, blue and yellow floral prints in all the rooms. And the summerhouse romance novels I love reading in summer, like Colette's 'Le Ble en Herbe' where the heroine is called Vinca (which means periwinkle, I think).
I love the fiber too. I will definitely be purchasing some when I improve my spinning a bit. :)

heather said...

Pretty, pretty. It's defnitely a watery one for me too. It reminds me of the sea colour just off Iona on a sunny day - but it's also slightly reminiscent of cremola foam for me, so I'm going with "Iona Foam" :0)

Heather said...

That skein is veryyyy light in color... but so pretty.

I would have to go with 'Lime Martini' even though I do not drink.... it just seems to fit... in my mind! ;D

Beautiful colorway, the colors are very subtle. :D

Juliet APY said...

'Ice Queen'
Maybe you could also then do a Fire Queen, Earth Queen, Wind Queen........ ;p

Shazspun said...

The delicate blue colours remind me of waterfalls.

There is a waterfall in New Zealand called Huka Falls, which is frothy and pale blue.

The powder blue color of the water is due to the mineral rich Lake Taupo, which has plenty of volcanic soil and minerals doing the dilution.
My name is Huka Falls :) S

Maki said...

My daughter Miley calls it
'Water Fairy.'

lisa from coventry said...

Antarctic bubblegum

Many sylables, but only 2 words..

ikkinlala said...

Lake Louise.

Angela said...

It looks like a "Blueberry Banana Split" to me. Happy Anniversary!

pictish said...

It is so delicate and feminine and it conjures up images of early C19th century Wedgwood-like interiors and floating ballgowns in the Assembly Rooms at Bath so I'm going for Elizabeth Bennet or Sprig Muslin (a novel by Georgette Heyer).

Ali x

Anonymous said...

'minty mouthwash' or 'brass monkeys'