Thursday, 18 September 2008

Knit Fest

Life is running away with me again - no time to say hello, goodbye. What news, what news?

Loads going on in the yarny world this week. All I can say for now is that there will be a bunch of Plushness on sale at Ally Pally at the Knitting and Stitching Show which runs from 9th to 12th October courtesy of the lovely Alice at Socktopus. It's the first time SQ yarn will be making an appearance at a proper, big show and the prospect is very exciting, especially being stocked by Socktopus. It's not readily that I wholesale my yarn, but on this occasion, I just couldn't resist and look forward to seeing it in person (if I can peek above the the stand on my tiptoes, eh twinepixie!)

The autumn Sock Club yarns are all dyed up, dried up and I'll be skeining and packaging them up tomorrow to be sent out early next week. Very exciting and I'm hoping those expecting a package will be delighted with September's offering.

Over the weekend, I finished my Licorice Allsort (thanks for the name, picperfic) Spring Forward socks in Encore BFL/nylon:
Love these socks - the pattern was excellent and I never got bored with it though I KNOW I should've chosen a less vibrant colourway to show off the delicate lace detail, but I'm a sucker for colour - I am weak!

And made a little more progress on my Catherine Wheel crocheted scarf in Wisp:

The reason I got a fair amount of knitting and crochet done over the weekend was that me and Elsa (the party-girl's older sister) turned the camp for a friend's seven-year-old daughter's birthday into a knit fest:She wanted to learn to knit something other than a rectangle, so I taught her the only pattern I had in my head - a Chevron scarf! And it was coming out beautifully by the end of the camp. While I was knitting my socks, I had one too many comments about "Couldn't you buy those in Marks and Spencers" from fellow campers (ok, the men) for my liking, but I will educate them in the ways of knitting...

More camp photos (not literally camp, but you know what I mean):

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Anni said...

Gorgeous socks and other knitting. Will definitely be checking out your yarn at the Socktopus stand. Getting so excited about Ally Pally.