Sunday, 7 September 2008

Why I missed I Knit

You may or may not have heard already, but I'm 40 this year (and you only tuned in to see if there was any yarn yet!) Well, in the worst bit of timing on my part, I'd arranged the garden party for yesterday which clashed with one of the most anticipated yarn events in the calendar in London - but good old alabamawhirly was sending me emails from I Knit updating me on the goings-on.

Despite the torrential rain, it was the best party. We had set up the food and drink in the workshop and a marquee linking the house to the party room .

Cupcakes, Turkish delight and French fancies

Lilies, roses and summer bunting

Guy, Jo and Skein King in nervous anticipation of guests arriving

The rose wine with lemonade and fizzy strawberries went down very well with the ladies and I ended up making about eight or nine jugs of it. There was pasta salad, cold meats, quiches, Spanish tortilla and salad - it all got demolished.

It was so great to see so many friends and I enjoyed every minute. Thanks to Sonia and Debs for my voucher to get some posh treatments, and to Sarah for adding a ballet pump to my charm bracelet and to Unity for booking a trip to the Watermill Theatre AND arranging a babysitter for the occasion and to everyone else for all the lovely presents - I am spoiled indeed.

The official photographer (Skein King) had one beer too many and so we haven't got many photos of the proceedings but he did get a couple. I chickened out of wearing my summery dress:

This was pretty much at the end - the last guests left at four and I went to bed at five - a sign of a good party, I always say. And I'll spare you the photo of Sandra showing off her Rigby & Peller bra!

So, for posterity when I look back on this blog as I head closer to my dotage, I want to thank the following people for coming out in the rain to help me celebrate:

Guy and Jo, Unity and Nick, Sarah and Dave, Sonia and Toby, Debs and Richard, Jo and Allan, Cath and Nick, Sandra and Peter, Sue, Jackie, Maureen, Harriet and Shane, Rose and Phil, Sara and Simon, Chris and Pouran and Ceri and Tony.

There WILL/MUST be yarn by the end of next week as things get back to almost normality.

And I can't believe my little boy started secondary school this week. I'm so proud of him - he took it all in his stride and has his first full week ahead of him next week. Think he was about three in this photo.

And finally, a photo of my Spring Forward socks in progress made in the beautiful Encore SQ yarn.


Angie said...

What a great party! My DH didn't accomplish anything nearly so impressive for my 40th, but I think I'll show him your post and tell him he has another chance when I hit 50. :)

Oh, and turkish absolute favorite sweet! Between that and the 5 a.m. bedtime, I am totally impressed... you clearly still know how to party! ;)

picperfic said...

Happy Birthday! I remember my 40th so well! I wonder if that is the same Watermill Theatre that I know and love so well?

alabama whirly said...

oooi! less of the old just the good would be fine
That looks totally splendid, mmmmm - skeinking did good,, mine did bugger all at mine that's why I took a polaroid and kept foisting it on people, amazing hubby got in a lot of shots!

gilraen said...

Lovely pictures!!!! And did they stroke the yarn? :)

You looked lovely Debs :)

freshisle said...

Belated best wishes! Gorgeous socks, too.