Friday, 12 September 2008

Shop update preview

You may be interested to know, I'm planning to update the shop this evening (starting around 8 or 9pm BST) as I have a little bit of yarn for your delectation. A nice little lot of Wisp in rich tones and lots of sock yarn, including a new base I've christened Elegance - an absolutely ideal luxury sock yarn, it's silky, softer than soft and has nylon for strength.

Sweetbird in Elegance

Rugged in Elegance

Seaspray in Elegance

Firebird in Wisp

Zapateado in Wisp

Olive Caramel in Wisp

Proud in Wisp

Firebird in Encore
Bizarre in Encore

Firebird in Endure

Seaspray in Endure

Dewberry in Sumptuous

Candy Shop in Opulent

Fragrant Stocks in Lavish

Old Roses in Guest yarn (laceweight merino)

All parcels will be wrapped on Sunday and sent out on Monday. Maybe see you later. SQ x


Pollianicus said...

Oh i am totally in love with one of those - but don't want to mention the name and tempt fate....

Lovely as always..


machi said...

oh those look amazing...i am already looking for xmas pressies :-)
belated happy birthday, by the way...