Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Shop update preview

I plan to update the shop tomorrow evening - starting somewhere between 8pm and 9pm BST.

Here's what I've got in this week's collection:

Horse Chestnut in Elegance (2 skeins)

Golden Caramel in Wisp (2 skeins)

Apple Cider in Plushness (2 skeins)
Mermaid's Tail in Plushness (3 skeins)

Snow Reflections in Plushness (3 skeins)

Lemony in Plushness (1 skein)

Tea Rose in Opulent (3 skeins)

Summer Bunting in Elegance (1 skein)

Just Peachy in Elegance (1 skein)

Olea in Elegance (2 skeins)

I just wanted to say a bit more about Snow Reflections. I was thinking about Regatta - a colourway I dyed up for the summer Plushness club which knits up like sails reflected on the water - here's an example that the talented sock-knitter extraordinaire, gilraen, completed. I wondered if I could dye up some Plushness to represent the reflections and colours of an iceberg and snowy landscape in an Arctic ocean - I was feeling kind of cold and wintry that day - hence the introduction of Snow Reflections. The technique I used is slightly different to that of Regatta, and the results will be subtle with just a stitch or two of different colours throughout - perfect for an elegant pair of wintry socks.


gilraen said...

Wow!!!! another stunning selection!!! I love snow reflection!! :) Very clever.

alabama whirly said...

ooooooooo, I love snow reflections and mermaids tale
; )

Anonymous said...

As usual, these are all lovely. I hope that I can get to your shop in time to purchase some tomorrow. With the time difference, it will be early to mid afternoon here and I have a lesson to teach, but I plan to check as soon as I can! Well done, Debbie!