Saturday, 27 September 2008

SQ x

Why no yarn in the shop? Well, this little feast of Plushness will be on its way to Socktopus and will be for sale at Ally Pally.

The first installment of Squee! Sock Club went out and seems that all the club members have received their little purple parcel, so here's the Plushness club yarn based on Stately Homes called Secret Garden.

And here's some of the Encore club yarn based on the Lemony Snicket novels called Baudelaire Mansion:

I've been in the SQirkshop dyeing today and the weather is beautiful - the yarn is drying in the garden, so we can have a shop update next week.

Yesterday, my good friend Rachel came over from Old Windsor bearing gifts and check these out:
She made this pencil pot and I love the personalisation (is that a word?) Perfect for my Paperchase pens which I use for writing SQ labels.

She made this SQ x charm for my Thomas Sabo bracelet. Perfectly compliments my birthstone, lemon, Cinderella slipper and dragonfly and a bit more personal than the Fab at 40 ones available in the shops. Love, love, love it.

And she commissioned someone from Etsy to make this paperweight. Beautiful.

Hands up who thinks Rachel should open an Etsy shop?


katinkaknits said...

What lovely yarns you've been dying for Soctopus etc. I've been thinking about some plushness to make something for my SIL for her birthday or Christmas, and I'm loving the color in the upper right corner of your first photo! Will there be more of that colorway in your Etsy shop?

Skein Queen said...

There isn't any exactly the same in the next shop update, but I'll bear it in mind for future updates. x

gilraen said...

I do wish I could go to Ally Pally!! I can vouch for Secret Garden, as usual I couldn't resist and have cast on already ::)

What a special friend Rachel is, she is very talented indeed!! Just like you!! :)