Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday 13th (and the week leading up to it!)

The best laid plans of mice and men... so much for my careful plans to have four days of dyeing this week to allow plenty of preparation for Unravel. Tis a sad tale of woe and misery:

There's a rather vital ingredient to the dyeing process called citric acid. I'd ordered several kilos well ahead of time but the delivery had been held up due to the snow last week. After phoning the delivery company on at least four increasingly shouty occasions, and waiting in for three whole days, it finally arrived mid-week, by which time I'd lost two days of dyeing. The irony is that I had ordered another batch from another company which actually arrived two hours before the original batch. Now I have kilos and kilos of the stuff! But at least I can dye again.

Then last night, around eleven o'clock, Skein Princess was violently ill - I think that's the most polite way to put it - and has the day off school today. Apparently half of her class are off with a stomach bug. Poor SP - she'll miss her school disco and Brownie promise tonight. She's doing a lot of sleeping today. But the upshot is... no dyeing today.

Which means my four days have shrunk into one measly day. I'm breathing deeply and reassuring myself that I already have quite a few skeins needing to be labelled and I got loads done yesterday, so all will be fine (please reassure me!)

I have a few skeins of Plump Plushness, normal Plushness, Blush and Desire for a small shop update tomorrow. And tomorrow is also the day that any spare Squee! Sock Club for Spring places will be released in the shop. There won't be many again as almost all existing members have resubscribed, but I have tried to expand the clubs to maximum capacity so there will be a few.

Click here for more details and the prices are here:

Spring Sock Clubs

Pudding Club - single helping - £42 or $69
Pudding Club - double helping - £79 or $130
Unfortunate Club - $38 or $62

And there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting going on due to the large amount of reskeining going on of an evening. I did complete one Saartje's bootee for my sister's forthcoming sprog-event in Plushness in Iceberg colourway but it came out more the size of a doll's shoe than one that would fit even the smallest baby, and she's having a BIG baby - oh yes, the consultant has reassured her it's big and will have to be delivered three weeks early. She's a midwife so she knows herself.

But I can show you some knitting from eleven years ago. I made a pram blanket for Skein Prince when he was born and found it the other day, much ravaged by cats, but still just about holding together. Apparently the pastel-coloured chenille (cringe) was too much of a temptation for their sharp little claws!


GreenPea said...

Sending you lots of reassurance - all will be fine, all will be fine...

Hope the Princess is feeling better.

heather said...

Poor SP - I hope she's feeling better today :0)

I'm also in the throes of baby knitting. A good friend is due to become a new grandmother to TWINS in the summer. I'm trying to teach her to knit but at the same time knitting up one or two little projects for them myself.

Kira said...

You will never run out of citric acid ever again!! :)

Sending get well wishes to the SPrincess - no fun at all having tummy bugs.