Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Oddments and endments

Just had a very lovely family day today. Was supposed to be doing more getting-ready-for-Unravel on Saturday, but as I've worked solidly for days, weeks... and thoroughly neglected my family, I thought it wouldn't hurt to spend one day this half-term with them (though that leaves not a lot of time for more skeining and labelling and am now slightly panicking!)

So, we had a trip to London - Tate Modern followed by the Museum of London. We also got shooed off the steps of St Paul's Cathedral by some gentlemen in cassocks until the fire brigade arrived! Just after we were telling the kids about it burning down in the Great Fire of London.

Then Skein Prince and myself went along to Knit Night with the outcasts which was the perfect end to the day, especially seeing alabamawhirly's ishbel in Count Olaf.

So the oddments and endments:

Firstly, all the places in the Spring round of Squee! Sock Clubs are now taken. Summer places will open in May.

Secondly, if a lady called Mairi who emailed me through the shop reads this, could you email me again? My reply was bounced back from the email address you gave me. Thanks.

And thirdly - my spinning wheel arrived!! It's still in the box though as it arrived when we were in London and I haven't had time to have a little play yet...

Finally, I'll be dyeing up the last installment of the Winter Club yarn tomorrow.

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heather said...

oooh - excited !!!!!!

You've been tagged by the way :0)