Thursday, 26 February 2009

Slowest-ever knitted bootees

At last, they're finished. I started these Saartje's bootees all the way back in January! I'd seen the pattern on yarn pirate's blog way back - before her little boy was born, I think, and never had a reason to knit them - but now... I'm in full baby-knitting mode. They were going to be for my sister's baby, but a colleague's baby boy is more imminent, so I'll make another pair for Skein Sister and hope that they're ready in time! I've purchased some gorgeous hand-spun hand-dyed Falkland from FeltStudioUK which would be perfect for them. The ones in the photo are made with Skein Queen Plushness in Iceberg with a contrasting Debbie Bliss cashmerino DK.

Don't forget - shop update tomorrow. Then I'm going to close up for a week to recharge the old batteries... after which there will be more Plump Plushness in Pink Lady Apple - I promise!!

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alabama whirly said...

it takes 9 months to brew a baby so two months on a pair of bootees is just fine ; )