Thursday, 5 February 2009


We very rarely get more than a smattering of snow in these here parts. And the schools NEVER close because of snow. It has been a very strange week this week. The primary school has been closed for one day, and the secondary school for three whole days!!

View from my bedroom window at 4am

View from my bedroom window at 6am

Question: Does this country fall apart at the slightest hint of snow and ice? I'm sure our Canadian friends would be shocked that a couple of inches of the cold white stuff would bring such chaos.

My attitude to the snow:
Day 1 - Whoopee - son played out in it for the entire day - whoopee! Isn't it beautiful. I love the snow.
Day 2 - it's a bit icy. His school is closed again. Oh no, his mates are round playing Guitar Hero at full volume when I'm trying to work. Hope it melts.
Day 3 - phew! Both at school
Day 4 - fresh snowfall. Listen to the school lists on the radio. They're both off! Good, that'll be no moaning and "snot fairs" but they have no interest in playing in the snow. Take them for a long walk through the sloshy slush to the Post Office.
Day 5 - more snow forecast... get the wine...

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gilraen said...

Your photographs are stunning!!! We have had sleet but no snow, the kids are devasted, mummy is not! :)