Sunday, 8 February 2009

Ten O'Clock Scarf - free pattern

All day, every day, I look forward to around 10pm when I can finally sit down and start my knitting for the day. This scarf was no exception, and every day for about a week, I sat down at 10ish and knitted a few rows until it was finished.

I designed it to be easy for a first lace project. The patterning row is every fourth row, so you have some nice, relaxing knit and purl rows in between. I knitted this one in Skein Queen Desire DK in Pigeon Street colourway. This scarf could be knitted in different yarn weights and needle sizes and I'd love to see a solid, or semi-solid version.

Here's the link for the free pdf pattern.

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GreenPea said...

now that is elegance itself...