Thursday, 30 April 2009

A bit of spinning, Socktopus trunk show and a Rainy Day Coraline

I'm quite proud of this. It's the first bit of spinning I've done with my wheel fixed and working properly and I finally feel comfortable with spinning and really enjoying it, so much so, I've signed up for a course with the local guild to learn more.

The fibre was from limegreenjelly - 100% merino - and it's called Just a Dream. I love the depth of colour.

I'm really looking forward to Sunday 17th May when I'll be at Socktopus in London. Alice invited me to come and do a trunk show, whereby I bring along a load of yarn for people to come and squidge, and she provides cakes etc. If you're in the London area on that day, I'd love to see you. I'm there from 12-5pm. In the meantime, I'm trying to put together a collection of free patterns to bring along.

Summer's coming - there are clear signs now. Okay, so it's raining outside as I write, but the grass keeps growing at the rate of knots, the poppies are about to flower, a multitude of butterflies are visiting our garden and yes, I've even seen some wasps (yuck!). In the true spirit of British optimism regarding the weather, I have the perfect summer yarn for you:

Lotus Yarns Bamboo Soft

If you're thinking of knitting a summer garment in silk or bamboo, it's worth bearing in mind Lotus Yarns Bamboo Soft as a possible option.

Take a look at the fabulous round yoked Coraline cardigan knitted by alabamawhirly using Bamboo Soft in Pewter. The pattern is by Ysolda Teague.

She calls it her Rainy Day Coraline (not too optimistic for the summer then?) and adapted the sleeves to a flattering three-quarter length.

Stunning job. Makes me want to pick out a colour for mine. Very inspiring.

Finally, thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday's shop update - parcels going out today so should be with you very soon.


alabama whirly said...

LOL! It wasn't meant to be a comment on the british summer but on todays outcome I'm not far from the truth : )

Love, love those yarns you have for socktopus

Skein Queen said...

But have you seen this looks like we good be in for a good summer.. just dreaming of sitting in the garden now.

Ah... the basket of yarn was an example of what I might be bringing - haven't actually started dyeing for it yet - last minute, as usual!

alabama whirly said...

I heard that too about the weather...amazing...

what, you haven't started...LOL. I am gutted I missed Olive Snook - she is perfection..