Monday, 27 April 2009

Childhood memories of knitting

When I was recently up in Scotland, my mum dug out this old Patons Bazaar booklet full of knitting patterns we'd both made back in those days.

This was the bunny she made for me that partially inspired Flossie Bear from this earlier post.

She knitted him in dark turquoise and red body with a pink scarf if my memory serves me correctly. He was so plump and cuddly.

It was always the book I reached for when I rummaged through her patterns. I know I knit these delights at some point:

And sadly, mum no longer knits due to shoulder pain so she gave me this little lot of circular needles, dpns and cable needles. Never again will I have to buy a circular needle!

Have you got any childhood knitting memories?

Both Pudding and Unfortunate Club parcels were posted out today.

These were last month's offerings:

Blueberry Pie - semi-solid and multi-coloured options in the Pudding Club

Nevermore Tree - Installment the Seventh of the Unfortunate Club

And I'm thinking of doing a very small update of just a few skeins of Squash and Blush mainly in the next couple of days.

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ladyheadstrong said...

That Blueberry pie is crumptious! Congrats!