Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Mini shop update

I have just a wee skinny shop update for you tonight - a kind of tempter to save you waiting for the bigger full-fat update coming very soon. It's very little, mostly of single skeins, but some of the semi-solid skeins would be very suitable for all those brand new Cookie A-style sock patterns out there at the moment.

Mermaid in Bamboozle (merino/bamboo)

Summer Bunting in Squash (superwash merino)

Olive Snook in Squash (superwash merino) - 2 skeins

Fruit Salad in Blush (merino/cashmere) - 1 skein

Applejack in Squash (superwash merino) - 2 skeins

Grass Stains in Blush (merino/cashmere)

Blueberry in Opulent (100% cashmere) - 2 skeins

Persian Garden in Elegance (merino/silk/bamboo/nylon)

Reykjavik in Blush (merino/cashmere)

Ashes to Ashes in Bamboozle (merino/bamboo)

There you have it - maybe see you in the shop later this evening. SQ x

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