Monday, 6 April 2009

Our very first Featured Knitter

I'm delighted to be able to introduce the first in a series of Skein Queen Featured Knitters. As you probably know by now, I get very excited at seeing what you knit with SQ yarn, so this is the perfect opportunity to see some of your beautiful creations.

Our very first Featured Knitter is Maki Aoto who lives in the dynamic Fukuoka City on Kyushu island at the southern tip of Japan. She moved back to Japan recently after spending some time in the UK, not far from SQ hq in fact.

How many years have you been a knitter?
It's difficult to tell. I learnt very basic knitting when I was a child, but then I knitted only occasionally. I became a knitting addict four years ago after a 20-year break!

Did you teach yourself or somebody teach you?
My mum taught me how to make crochet chains and garter stitches when I was 8 or 9. Other than that, I am a self-taught knitter.

Do you have a favourite technique or favourite garment to make?
I like to make something that involves shaping, cables and/or lace. I tend not to use more than one colourway in a project to avoid darning ends. I usually don't knit socks because I am not good at making the same thing again (get easily bored).

Do you have favourite colour combination?
I love shades of soft pink, lavender and silver grey. Among SQ colourways, my favourites are Pale Faded Roses and Pearl Fishing. I still regret that I couldn't purchase a jumper amount of the Duchess Pearl Fishing. ;-o

What's your favourite Skein Queen yarn base?
It's hard to choose from so many gorgeous yarn bases. Having said that, I love Opulent, Wisp and Blush. I think I am biased towards cashmere. My first Duchess yarn is on the way, so this might be my new favourite.

What's the knitting scene like in your area? Do you belong to a knitting group? Are there any local yarn stores?
I haven't heard of a knitting group in my area. Maybe I should start one myself! Our local yarn stores - there are several in my area - usually don't stock what I'm looking for, and I always end up buying my yarn from online shops in the U.K. Sock yarns, as well as lace weight yarns, are hard to find here.

Maki's Projects

Livia from Yarn Forward Issue 11 - knitted for and modelled by her daughter in Bamboo Soft using Rose Pink and Sugar Pink.

Branching Out scarf by Susan Lawrence knitted for her daughter in Opulent - Fruit Salad colourway.

Whitewater Wristwarmers by Jennifer Meyer knitted in Opulent in Candy Shop colourway.

Meida's Socks by Nancy Bush knitted in Plushness in the original Pink Lady Apple colourway.

Just Enough Ruffles by Laura Chau knitted in Plump Plushness in Faded Roses colourway

Mullins Bay by Jeanette Sloan knitted in Mellow in Medieval colourway which Maki calls her Tudor scarf

Juno Regina Stole by Miriam L. Felton knitted in Wisp in Teal Reykjavik colourway.

Many thanks to Maki for being our first Featured Knitter and I can't wait to see more of your beautiful projects.


gilraen said...

What an accomplished knitter and such a lovely range of knitted items!! Way to go Maki! :D

Emma said...

How nice to meet a fellow Skein Queen addict !
A fab new feature.

maki said...

thank you, gilraen.
I always admire your beautiful socks!

hello, Emma.
SQ yarn is sooooo addictive, isn't it?

GreenPea said...

I love this Featured Knitter idea - and what an interesting person to feature first.

sara said...

I like this feature idea. It is really good. What beautiful items.