Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I'm embracing my inner fibre fiddler!

Help! I can't stop spinning.

Especially when such temptation as this arrives in the post. The lovely and very generous Rockpool Candy got wind that I was under the weather and sent me these utterly gorgeous batts called the Hippy Dippy Ice Cream Mix and containing merino, banana, soya, silk and silk waste and get this - especially mixed for me!

Inga recommended spinning a single from each and to get away from trying to create smooth, even yarns and go for lumpy, bumpy to show off all the fibre elements - well, I certainly achieved that!

The good news is that this afternoon, when we were supposed to be heading for Scotland but couldn't because the car died, Skein King repaired my spinning wheel. So for the other two batts, I should be able to make a better job as the wheel has finally got the pin in and doesn't slip, so I should have much better control.

Then I heard that Inga wasn't well (and has since had a bit of an unfortunate dyeing accident), so in return, I sent her my first proper attempt at dyeing fibre (plus some Desire). It's 100% BFL and it's certainly something I plan to do more of to sell in the shop later in the year following several requests, but I'm taking my time about it, making sure I fully understand the spinning process and all the possibilities and working out the best way of dyeing. Ultimately, I'd like to create more intense, deep colours - that's the goal.

In the meantime, I'm just having fun with all the beautiful fibres out there - I'm especially smitten with Picperfic's Fluff n' Stuff.

Here's some of her BFL roving plyed up - apologies for the rubbish photography.

I love the reds, pinks, corals and cerises in this one.

This one is called Fairground - it reminds me of Easter.

I'm going to be offline for the next week or so - have a relaxing and happy Easter break.


alabama whirly said...

lucky lucky girl - that rockpool is such a sweetheart! Did you send her what you dyed whilst I was there? And have you fixed the car and headed North???

Anonymous said...

have a lovely lovely break from blogland.

p.s. i'm in no hurry for the pink opulent - it can wait til after the holidays easily.

Debbie said...

Have a lovely break and soak up some of the peaceful atmos North of the Border : )

valerie in albuquerque said...

I am just learning to spin, too and having a blast! Knowing what beautiful yarn colors you dye, I look forward to seeing your dyed fibers!