Thursday, 21 May 2009

Shop update - 21st May


More limited that usual supplies of each, but here you go:

Golden Teal in Plushness

Hidcote Blue in Plushness

Linen Roses in Plushness

Faded Roses in Plushness

Strawberry Sorbet in Plushness

Strawberry Shortcake in Plushness

Caramel Creme in Plushness

Charcoal in Opulent

Tiger's Eye in Blissful

Strawberry Mojito in Blissful

Olive Snook in Squash

Summer Bunting in Squash

Faded Roses in Squash

Blue Teal in Little Desire

Maid Marian in Little Desire

Keep an eye out in my Etsy shop too.

Two more to be added:
Mustard Seed in Blissful

Figwort III in Blissful

(Ravelry just made no. 1 trending topic on Twitter - that's huge - world domination of knitters, mwah ha ha ha ha!)


ambermoggie said...

want them all:)

blog-blethers said...

What stunning colours! I love them!