Monday, 18 May 2009

Socktopus Trunk Show - a heavenly haven

Twas a whirlwind of a weekend. On Saturday morning, I had my second spinning lesson and learnt lots of interesting techniques including spinning a thick and thin slubby yarn, spinning from silk caps, adding silk noils and throwsters to fibre, spinning a boucle yarn and (this made me laugh) - how to spin a fun fur - fascinating technique but not sure I'll be trying that one too often.

On Saturday night, we went round to my friend Sandra's house to celebrate her birthday and I have never laughed so much in years - my ribs were hurting. All related to Skein King's antics which I probably shouldn't go into here as it may well embarrass the poor chap.

Soon enough, it was Sunday. I picked up alabamawhirly and we headed down the M4 in Biblical rain (pinched that phrase from bundle) and turned up on the doorstep of Socktopus in Chelsea laden with yarn where we were greeted by Alice, who was so welcoming and almost turned her shop upside-down to create as much space for us as possible.

See the back three shelves on the left - SQ yarn - and on the table..

and on the windowsill...

The limited supply of fibre, named after alcoholic beverages and cocktails, was popular and all went (no names here!)

Plushness and Squash

Elegance and Opulent

Charliesumx fondling some yarn with alabamawhirly encouraging her all the way!

Some lovely Socktopods - and check out Alice's Central Park hoodie - knitted in shades of orange Dream in Color Smooshy (I think). My photos aren't great - check out Alice's blog for some better ones. A huge thank you to everyone who came - it was so nice to knit and chat and even see some of the yarn all caked up and started on there and then - and to Alice for being such a great hostess.

It was almost torture (in a pleasant way) sitting amongst all the yarn all day. I knew I was going to make a small purchase, but it took me all day to decide. I settled on some Malabrigo sock in a rich, dark chestnut brown - so unlike me and I'm usually colour all the way - but I'd seen the lady in the photo knitting some beautiful Shurt'agal socks in a green/black version and that inspired me to opt for that.

This was me preparing the inventory for Socktopus. And thanks so much to alabamawhirly and kiknits for coming over on Friday to help with the skeining and labelling. I hope it was fun and I wasn't too much of a task-master!

I brought back about half. I'm visiting the outcast knitting group in Reading this Wednesday and bringing some along since it's been about two years since I brought them anything yarnie to look at, and then there will still be enough for a shop update on Thursday of this week.

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gilraen said...

I am so sorry that I missed this! It looks like a wonderful day!