Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Squee! Clubs sign-up time

The new theme of the Plushness club will be The Queen's Reading Room and will be based on my favourite books so the colourways will be inspired by a different novel each month. I'll aim to release the name of the next novel a couple of weeks ahead in case you would like to read along, though it's by no means a pre-requisite for being a member of the Plushness club.

My taste is mostly contemporary fiction but encompasses 19th and 20thC fiction, American fiction and I esp. love books set in non-Western countries. So it could be anything from The Time Traveler's Wife to Pride and Prejudice or Empress Orchid to Life of Pi.

This time no semi-solid option, because fiction is too colourful for restraint (unless the narrative strongly suggests semi-solid colours.) I can imagine these skeins being randomly dyed rather than greatly variegating. Will include inspiration sheet.

More information here.

The Unfortunate Club will continue in its current form using the Encore base, but there will be four installments over four months, which will bring us to the end of the 13 Lemony Snicket books. (I can hear sobbing already!)

More information here.

Any available places following consultation with existing members will be released via the shop tomorrow, and I'm afraid there's not many. Once you see them in the shop, if you could email me using the address given, I'll let you know the availability - places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and then send you a PayPal invoice rather than receiving payment through the shop which, believe me, is more complicated than you would want to know due to postage.

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