Thursday, 14 May 2009

Skein Queen does fibre and Cloud Nine socks pattern

I haven't got a huge amount of fibre to bring along to Socktopus on Sunday (I have got lots of yarn), but I thought I'd show you some of what I have got - any name suggestions are welcome. The top one sort of reminds me of my Apple Cider colourway. What do you think? They're all superwash BFL tops and lovely to spin, especially for beginners.

Here's a sample of the Irish Queen I spun up. A little bit overspun but should give you an idea of the intensity of colours.

Ever wanted a pair of socks to make you feel as if you are floating on Cloud Nine when you are wearing them?

Maybe these are just the job - another free pattern - this time to support Plushness, as it is a thicker-than-normal yarn for socks.

Cloud Nine seemed appropriate, given that Plushness knits up into a dense, cosy, warm fabric and also the pattern works on a repeat of nine stitches. The lacy pattern contributes to the light, airy feel of the socks without them being too thick on the body. They are a cuff-down design and I used Nevermore Tree colourway.

You can find the pdf file under the Free patterns tab on the right-hand side of the blog.

And in between the stream of visitors for the kittens and Loftplan man coming, I managed to get another photo - again of the little tabby. Not great, but sure there'll be more in the coming days.

Anyone know when's the best time to find out the gender of the kittens? Someone said in the first few days but Honey's not keen to let them part from her for even a minute.


Laura said...

It's extremely difficult to accurately sex kittens until they're a few weeks old (even vets get it wrong). Then, little girls' bottoms will look like a lower case letter і whilst little boys' bottoms will look like a colon : - more space between the dots for the little boy bits to grow in. Here you go and

Skein Queen said...

Thanks so much, Laura. Really appreciate your help.

Juliet said...

Them's is lovely rovings, Debbie :D

picperfic said...

Ooh you now do roving?!? I will have to look at your shop again! Lovely colours too. Thanks for the pattern, I might just knit up some of my Plushness now. Pretty little are so productive!

GreenPea said...

Thanks so much for the free Plushness sock pattern - it's lovely

Rosii said...

Love, love, love the vibrant fibre colours - you are an absolute whiz at this dyeing malarkey !