Thursday, 7 May 2009

Take some plain white BFL roving...

.. and add some colour..

Once dry, carefully put it through the drumcarder, feeding it in little by little..

..gently extract the little clouds of fluffiness..

.. and spin up the carded batt into yarn

How much fun was this!! Now all I have to do is knit it to see how it knits up.


Shazspun said...

Wow you are getting really good at this Skein Queen. Lovely colours, it looked more mottled prior to it being spun, just goes to show.

Skein Queen said...

Thanks, Shazspun - how's yours coming along? Off to check out your blog to see... I've got first spinning lesson with Linda on Sat.

Keowdie said...

Lovely yarn.
You make it look so easy!